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  Il ricavato, su suggerimento di Beppe Severgnini, andrà a Padre Giovanni Gentilin, missionario a Tondo (Filippine), e sarà utilizzato per la costruzione di un asilo per i bambini che vivono in condizioni disperate intorno alla locale discarica.  
  In anteprima alcune demo di Maybe, il nuovo EP rock di LC2 in uscita nel 2009, in cui sarà inclusa anche "Italians"  
  L’EP pop-rock di LC2 uscito nel 2005  




Anna lives in Harvard, she met her husband there.
She left New York for good when she gave birth.
Sometimes she wonders will her daughter ever love her town
Sometimes she wonders is she going back

Marco’s been in Nicaragua well over a year
Takes care of children, teaches them the game
He hasn’t got a reason now to make him want to leave
Here’s where he’s found a meaning to his life

They’re Italians

Claudio chose LA fresh out of business school
Back home his grandma’s turning ninety-nine
His best friend Antonino chose Australia instead
He goes out surfing every week-end

They’re different breeds, they’re different kinds
They know their life is their own fight

They’re Italians

Lidia flew to Sydney when her dreams went down the drain
She met him just as soon as she got there
They couldn’t quite believe they both were running from Milan
Now they are back, they’re raising their own child

Laura’s turning forty, got promoted to Berlin
She said yes, had no reason not to go
And she might meet Francesca who’s lived there for  fifteen years
She’s got a German accent when she speaks

They’re different breeds, they’re different styles
They know their life is their own fight

They’re Italians

And here I am as usual with my suitcase set to go
Still watching life as if it were a film
So many places I would go, some reasons I should stay
Still waiting for a chance that’s come and gone

We’re Italians