Inspiring insights and food for thought for men and women of our time, from ancient Greece to modern rock.

Homer was a rockstar is a podcast written, hosted and produced by LC2, based on a format by LC2 and Kampa, featuring original music by LC2. 

Homer was a rockstar aims at creating a vivid, lively link between today’s world and that bunch of boring, sad, uninspiring old people commonly known as “the classics”.

In fact, by scratching just a few inches beyond the surface it turns out they’re not so boring, not so sad – and definitely not uninspiring! 

Many of us find inspiration in contemporary popular music, be it heavy metal, hip hop, the blues, or the latest hits. It’s easy for us to relate to it, it speaks our language, it tells stories that might as well be our own.

By listening to Homer was a rockstar you’ll find out that the same subjects were often covered decades, or centuries, or even thousands years ago, by people who lived in the Greek islands, or in some small English village named Stratford upon Avon, or in some other obscure place you’ve never heard of; these authors were feeling the same love, anxiety, enthusiasm, fears we know today, and they were able to express them in a way we’d never be able to.  

After all, this is exactly the reason why we admire contemporary songwriters: their music and their lyrics make us laugh and cry and scream “yes, that’s just the way I feel”.  

In a way, the so called “classics” are the rockstars of all times…

Episode 09 - End of season one

Homer was a rockstar takes a break, hoping to be back after the summer; the last episode of season one features Catullus plus a special guest; who is it: Jack Bauer? But don’t worry, it doesn’t last 24 hours…

Featuring the song “Midnight and dawn in Tangier”, from LC2’s debut EP Man of my time.

duration: 13'37''
date: Tue, 10 Apr 2007
Episode 08 - The good life

LC2 introduces the listener to Corrine Calloway and Luke McGavock, the protagonists of Jay McInerney’s novel The Good life. Join them in their passionate and sometimes painful search for a good life.

Featuring the title track from LC2’s debut EP Man of my time.
duration: 15'51''
date: Tue, 27 Mar 2007
Episode 07 – Just a flashback

LC2 is back! In this episode he will put you in touch with a bunch of incredibly funny 13 years old English boys from the Seventies, and then take a leap forward to meet the not-so-funny adults they have become, thanks to British contemporary novelist Jonathan Coe.

Featuring the song Just a flashback, from LC2’s debut EP Man of my time.
duration: 13'53''
date: Tue, 13 Mar 2007
Episode 06 – Catullus rocks
LC2 has the flue, so soft-spoken Kampa is hosting a super-brief version of the podcast: don’t miss her concrete, down to earth food for thought! Featuring the song Midnight and dawn in Tangier, from LC2’s debut EP Man of my time. LC2 will hopefully be back in two weeks with a an all-new regular episode: keep in touch!
duration: 07'11''
date: Tue, 27 Feb 2007
Episode 05 – Catullus rocks
One of the most controversial artists of his times, ancient Roman poet Catullus was as passionate as any young songwriter can be; he wrote about love, sex, politics, all with incredible passion and an elegant style. Featuring the song Tell me what’s going on, from LC2’s debut EP Man of my time.
duration: 15'04''
date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007
Episode 04 – Orwell
Join LC2 and George Orwell on a trip to the Animal Farm, where all animals are equal, but some are more equal than other. Than move back in time to 1984, when the Big Brother ruled the world, and we were all stars of CCTV. Confused? Follow the episode, and it will all make sense!  Featuring the song Man of my time, title track from LC2’s debut EP.
duration: 18'36''
date: Sat, 27 Jan 2007
Episode 03 – Shylock
Meet Shylock, the main character of Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, created 410 years ago and still present in today’s world. Featuring the song Shylock, from LC2’s debut EP Man of my time.
duration: 16'27''
date: Fri, 12 Jan 2007
Episode 02 – Midnight and dawn in Tangier: the Beat Generation
See how the matchless charm of Tangier inspired the poets and novelists of the Beat Generation; and see how they shaped today’s popular culture. Featuring Midnight and dawn in tangier, from LC2’s debut EP Man of my time.
duration: 20'22''
date: Wed, 27 Dec 2006
Episode 01 – Ulysses: a man of our time
Ancient Greek Homer, the father of all songwriters, takes us through an odyssey around the Mediterranean with Ulysses: a myth from 27 centuries ago, and at the same time a man of our time. Featuring the title track from LC2’s debut EP.
duration: 16'10''
date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006